TTAG: Teacher Trainee Allowance To Be Paid This Week

The Teacher Trainee’s Association Of Ghana (TTAG), National Secretariat has in a press statement dated 14th July, 2020 assured Teacher Trainees that their allowances will be paid this week.

This comes after Teacher Trainees across the various Regions of Ghana complained about the delays in payment of their allowances.

This prompted the association to engage with the management of Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) to address the concerns of all Teacher Trainees across the country.

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These trainees have not received their allowance since March 2020 when the President directed schools to close down as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

On July 10 2020, the National Secretariat issued a statement captioned ‘Delay In Payment of Teacher Trainees Allowances’.

The statement basically addressed among other issues a call for swift and quick payment of the Teacher Trainees allowances.

In this recent press release by TTAG, they have assured their members that payment of their allowances will be paid within this week.

TTAG in their press statement also expressed their sincere appreciation to the numerous media houses, bloggers and individuals for their invaluable contributions to the course.

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Additionally, they promise to engage all stakeholders and ensure that the interest of Teacher Trainees are protected.

They further advised all Teacher Trainees to observe all the precautionary measures put in place as a result of COVID-19 in order to protect themselves and loved ones.


Press Statement By TTAG
Press Statement By TTAG

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