Ras Mubarak Questions Decision Of Achimota School To Deny Students With Dreadlocks Admission

Former Kumbugu MP, Ras Mubarak has questioned the decision of Achimota School authorities to deny two students of education for wearing their natural dreadlocks.

According to the MP, the move is a violation of articles 21(1)(c), 25(1), 26(1) 28(3) and 28(4) of the 1992 Constitution.

Mr. Mubarak in a Facebook post said the Constitution makes it clear that no child should be deprived by any other person of medical treatment, education or any other social or economic benefit by reason only of religious or other beliefs.

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Thus, the former MP said the decision to deny students admission on the basis of their Rasta culture is not a step in the right direction.

“Not accepting them into the school because of their dreadlocks is degrading treatment which is frowned upon under article 28(3).

Achimota Student Denied Admission

The school may have its rules, but those rules and all other rules and laws are subservient to the constitution of Ghana.

The supreme law of the land is the constitution,” he said. He, therefore, has asked the school authorities to rescind their decision and admit the students.

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Read his full post below:

Screenshot of Ras Mubarak’s Facebook post
Screenshot of Ras Mubarak’s Facebook post

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