New Outstanding Reforms To Curb Cheating & WASSCE Questions Paper Leakages

Executive Director of Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch); Mr. Kofi Asare has proposed some outstanding measures to WAEC and the Ministry of Education (MoE) which when implemented, will solve more than 80% of WASSCE Questions Paper leakages and also curb cheating in the exams hall.

According to Kofi Asare, his team have been engaging the MoE on proposals to digitize the transmission of questions to remove the human involvement and block the leakage.

They met with WAEC days ago to advance the discussions after they developed a Policy Brief on tech proposals to strengthen questions security and accountability.

Table of Contents

Use of an unbreakable questions box with a digital seal and biometric access powered by a universal / GSM SIM and a battery

The first proposal made by Eduwatch is the use of an unbreakable questions box with a digital seal and biometric access powered by a universal / GSM SIM and a battery that lasts 14 days.

Immediately the seal is broken to remove a question paper, the SIM will transmit information on GPS location, finger print of ‘intruder’ and serial number of centre/depot whose pack was broken ahead of exam to WAEC Accra.

Once it is ascertained where [out of 900 Centers] and who opened question packs earlier than 30 minutes before the commencement of a paper, problem is 80% solved.

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External invigilation with CCTVs at centers to detect cheating

Kofi Asare and his team also proposed that there should be effective and strict external invigilation with CCTVs installed at the examination centres to detect cheating and examination malpractice during WASSCE.

Serialization of Examination Question Papers

The Minister of Education, whom Mr. Asare has been in constant contact on these disturbing exam leaks has always opined that, in addition to strengthening questions security, they must serialize questions.

This means, there may be 10 different sets of questions for a particular paper at a Centre. E.g. Kofi may have to answer 10 math questions different from Ama, even though they are all students of Achimota writing the same Core Math. So even if questions leak, Kofi needs to get all 100 instead of 10 questions to succeed.

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Digitization of Questions Transmission At WAEC

The Executive Director of Eduwatch noted that GBC has informed him that the Minister of Education has announced government’s plans to digitize questions transmission at WAEC and serialize same.

Mr. Asare expressed his happiness about the political will to reform an extremely leaky and corrupted system.

He also noted that we must also change from our corrupt ways as no society ever developed teaching their children corruption in secondary school.

He concluded by encouraging teachers, parents and the society to teach our children honesty and integrity.


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