New GES Developments To Take Note As A Staff & Prospective Staff

As part of efforts by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to make the various processes facilitators go through to get their concerns heard and issues resolved, carefully crafted guidelines has been instituted to make sure its members enjoy a hassle-free procedure concerning the various issues they one way or the other, face at the work place.

Following this keenly will go a long way to reduce the ups and downs its employees face when they have to resolve a problem they’re being faced with.

  1. Writing of Letters to Office

All letters ending at office should be only one copy. Letters ending at Regional office and National should be 2 and 3 copies respectively.

  1. Study Leave

Teachers from College are to be in the teaching field for 3 years (Towns) and 2 years (deprived area) before applying for study leave. This applies to sandwich and distance students.

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  1. Permission Before Embarking On Further Studies

It has come to the notice of Management of GES that, there are lot of fake certificates in the GES system. In order to eradicate that, henceforth, anyone who wants to embark on further studies whether regular, sandwich or distance courses must first seek permission from the Office. Failure to do that will affect you negatively after completion.

  1. Teaching In S.H.S

Teaching in S.H.S requires somebody who has attended University in regular mode and has majored in a particular subject. Teachers who want to teach in S.H.S should apply for study leave and enroll in regular mode. Other than that, all secondary education done in Sandwich and Distance will not be considered.

  1. Casual Leave

Casual Leave is 10 Days for the whole academic year. i.e 3:3:4 for first:second:third term. No teacher will be given the full 10 Days leave in a term unless critical moment. Teachers with poor performance in terms of attendance will be denied. Such letters should be written early in order to obtain approval early.

  1. Maternity Leave

12 weeks are allotted for nursing mothers immediately they deliver. Additional 2 weeks when they are twins. However, in case of emergencies, a Medical Report must be produced for extension of days. NB: Legitimate husbands also have 5 days off in order to take care of the wife.

  1. Promotions

Henceforth, all promotions will be approved by Director General of GES. There will not be mass promotion anymore where all Teachers will be promoted to SS 1. Things they will look for include;

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  • attendance
  • output of work
  • involvement in co-curricular activities
  • lesson notes preparation
  1. Validation

Since GES is part of Public Services in Ghana, the validation should be used to suit the rules of PS. Teachers who absent themselves from school without written permission should be validated with issues.

Controller upon seeing that will effect deductions. Under no circumstance should a validator(s) cover up for a teacher. When such validator is caught, he/she will be sanctioned and the teacher affected will also pay for the days absent and other penalties. Transferred teachers should be added as missing staff.

They should see the IPPD coordinator for transfer of management unit.

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  1. Transfer and Re-posting

Henceforth, there will not be transfer until the office gets new teachers for replacement.

  1. Utilization of Revision Week

Revision week should be utilized well in order not to make the week go waste. Teaching must go on.

  1. Staff Meeting

Staff meeting for the beginning of every term should be done Monday, a day before reopening.


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