Musicians Keche Reveals The Secret Why They Are Still United

Musicians, Keche Andrew and Keche Joshua have revealed the secret of their stand still in the creative art industry.

The musicians told Angel TV’s sports Head; Obama their secret is the brand name ‘Keche‘. They said, they do not underrate the name. They added that they see themselves as one and work for Keche but not themselves.

The ‘Pressure hit makers‘ said, they had their hit at Liberia where they dropped their third song, Pressure. The artistes have produced songs such as, aluguntugui, sokode, slow motion, no dulling, and many more.

The group also praised Kaywa for grooming them well under his management. Keche Andrew said, he once met his group partner, Joshua in school where he was a basket ball player.

He said, they became friends and branded themselves as Keche after school. Joshua, told the sports journalist, the idea of the Sokode music was gotten from a town called Sokode after a programme they went for.

Andrew and Joshua said, Next level and Good Mood happen to be their best songs ever. The duo also gave reasons behind their song, no dulling, which they featured the Artiste of the year Kuami Eugene.

They said, they released the song to keep people active since the country went on locked down due to Covid-19.

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