List of Top Free 2021 Online Courses With Free Certificates


The debate about which is better, face-to-face learning or online learning is fast becoming obsolete. The common goal is that “an online course should be, above all, engaging, so that the learner enjoys the learning and is able to not only assimilate it but retain it and apply it.

Online courses are revolutionizing formal education, and have opened a new genre of outreach on cultural and scientific topics. These courses deliver a series of lessons to a web browser or mobile device, to be conveniently accessed anytime, anyplace.

An “online course is designed as a built environment for learning”. It’s constructed as an experience that can be followed sequentially or can be accessed throughout the designated time period

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It’s a directed learning process, comprised of educational information (articles, videos, images, and web links), communication (messaging, discussion forums) and some way to measure students’ achievement.

There is no single formula for what constitutes an excellent online course, though in good courses the “student feels a great sense of community and investment in the endeavor.” But an online course is more than the presentation of information or lectures. “Online courses require interaction, direction, and feedback.

As the Novel Corona Virus hit the world, countries have instituted guidelines to protect its citizens from contracting and spreading the disease. In Ghana, schools are closed except for final year students across all institutions in the country. What this means is that students are home with little or no resources to further learn.

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Well there is good news. With just a smartphone and enough data, NewsVibz has compiled a list of free online courses you can take to expand you knowledge on certain courses and topics.

Another amazing thing is, you get a certificate after you have successfully completed any of the courses you choose you learn. Find below the list of courses we think will help you. Happy Learning!

List of Top Free Online Courses in 2020 with Free Certificates

  1. United States Institute of Peace free online courses with free certificates 2020
  2. Asian Development Bank free online courses with free certificates 2020
  3. King’s College London free online courses with free certificates
  4. Google Free Digital Marketing Course with free certificates
  5. World Health Organization free online courses with free certificates
  6. Google Analytics Academy free online courses with free certificates
  7. 44 free short online courses on Future Learn
  8. UNICEF free online courses with free certificates
  9. Accenture free digital skills online courses with free certificates
  10. Creating Digital Content free online program with free certificates
  11. Career Development free online course with a free certificate
  12. Free Online Psychology Courses 2020 with free certificates
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