GNAT NAGRAT, CCT And Other Teacher Associations Compromised?

A concerned teacher of the Ghana Education service (GES) has penned down a letter to the various Teacher Associations of the Ghana Education Service.

In a post sighted by NewsVibz, the teacher who wrote in anonymity sort to find answers to why the Teacher Unions of the Ghana Education Service is quiet about the grievances of Teachers.

He talks of the numerous and hectic processes one has to go through to get his allowance restored after successfully being promoted in the ranks of GES.

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Read full letter below;


Why would Ghana Education Service always want to put teachers through these traumatic anomalies? Is it deliberate? Does it mean GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT etc. are not aware of this situation, or they have also been compromised?.

This is my beef;

After a teacher goes through promotion interview, comes out successfully and he is promoted and put on the correct or right scale, his *Responsibility allowance* is taken off automatically, who does that? Which organisation does that, tell me, I need answers.

Now, that teacher has to struggle, fills forms, apply for restoration of the responsibility allowance. Why is it that in Ghana, teachers are always at the receiving ends?

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Who is fighting for the welfare of teachers? GNAT, NAGRAT, please wake up, teachers are suffering for too long.

GES, please, make teachers happy so that they can continue to deliver. This should not be happening.

As soon as a teacher is promoted and put on the correct scale, restore the allowance automatically. We don’t need to apply separately for the restoration. Our records are with you.

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However, if there is any reason for which allowances are not restored immediately, then we deserve explanation.

GNAT and NAGRAT representatives in the various schools, send our concerns to appropriate bodies for immediate response. We are getting tired. The nightmare is too much. Enough.


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