How To Buy Airtime To Any Network Using MTN MoMo

Sometimes we find ourselves in places where it is difficult to get access to a vendor who sells the kind of airtime we need.

In such cases, what most of us do is call friends and families to buy us recharge vouchers so that we can use them. What if Newsvibz tells you that it has a solution for you?

With the use of MTN Mobile money, you can buy airtime to any network in Ghana, all you need is to have funds on your wallet.

To those who do not know about MTN Mobile Money (MTN MoMo), it is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone.

The service is offered by MTN in partnership with over 10 partner banks. You can use MTN Mobile Money to send and receive money, top-up MTN airtime, pay bills (DStv, ECG Postpaid, MTN Postpaid, School fees and more), buy & pay for insurance, pay employee salaries, pay for airline tickets and other goods and services.

No need to travel far or wait impatiently to receive or send money. Register with a valid photo ID today and enjoy the ease and convenience Mobile Money offers.

Now, follow these simple steps carefully and you are good to buy airtime to any network in Ghana. This service is called MOVE.

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 1

Dial the short code *718# and call using your MTN Network; thus if you use a dual SIM in one phone like I do.

  • STEP 2

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 2

Four (4) options are available on this service; Send Money, Buy Airtime/Data, Pay merchant & Help. Since you want to buy airtime, you’ll have to select option 2. Hit send after selecting your option.

  • STEP 3

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 3

Select option 1 for Airtime

  • STEP 4

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 4

Select whether to buy for yourself or others. Buying for self can be done via MTN MoMo options and that is not what we need since we’re buying for a different network and not necessarily and MTN Number.

Therefore you’ll need to select Option 2 for others.

  • STEP 5

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 5

Here, you have the option to choose/select recipient’s phone network; thus Airtel, Vodafone or GLO. Depending on the Network the person you’re buying the Airtime for uses, select the option that matches it.

  • STEP 6

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 6

In Step 6, you’ll be required to enter the phone number of the recipient of the airtime you wish to buy. Enter the digits and hit send.

  • STEP 7

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 6

At this stage, enter the amount of airtime you wish to purchase; being it GH¢10, 20, 100 etc. In this example, I purchased airtime of GH¢5 to my Vodafone number.

  • STEP 8

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 7

Step 8 is a confirmation page which finalizes the MOVE process. It informs you of the purchase you wish to make and the number to which you’re making it to.

A flat rate/charge of  is paid for GH¢0.50p is charged no matter the amount of airtime you wish to purchase.

At this point, you’ll be required to enter 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel the purchase. If you wish to continue, then you’ll obviously need to enter 1 and then press send.

  • STEP 9

Step 8

Now that the process has been initiated on the MOVE platform, it is time to pay using your MTN MoMo so that the airtime will be credited to the recipients account.

Dial *170# on your keypad and call via your MTN Network just like you did for the MOVE short code.

  • STEP 10

Step 9

Select option 6; this My Wallet

  • STEP 11

Step 10

This is the Menu that pops up after step 10. Select option 3; My Approvals.

  • STEP 12

Buy Airtime To Any Network Step 11

Enter your MTN MoMo Pin in this step.

  • STEP 13

Step 12

In this step, select the option you initiated via the MOVE service. In this case, I selected option 1 because GH¢5 airtime is what I am buying. An amount of GH¢5.50p will be charged because of the GH¢0.50p flat charge/rate by MOVE for this service.

  • STEP 14

Step 13

Authorize the payment by selecting option 1. After this, your airtime will be credited less than 1 minute.

Message By MOVE

Viola, your airtime has been credited to the designated account/number you entered during the MOVE processes.


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