GNACOPS Stakeholders Meeting Of Private Schools Scheduled For Jan 15 2021

GNACOPS Stakeholders Meeting

The National Secretariat Council of the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS), has on January 12, 2021, said it will meet all stakeholders of private schools.

According to the National Secretariat Council, the meeting will be held within the southern Sector of Ghana; Greater Accra, Eastern, Central, Volta, Oti and Western Region.

In the press release signed by the National Administrator/Finance; Madam. Esther Quist Wood and sighted by NewsVibz on the page of GNACOPS, the GNACOPS stakeholders meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 15, 2021.

All private schools in the above mentioned sectors are expected to attend the meeting on time (8:00am) as scheduled on the commencement date.

This meeting will be held at Atomic Energy Commission – SNAS Conference Hall. The agenda according to the Council, includes “School opening guidance dialogue, time with regulatory bodies (NaSIA, NaCCA and NTC), GNACOPS loan and policy dialogue, common core programme and new textbooks”.

Regional and District co-ordinators alongside all Committee Heads have therefore been tasked by the Secretariat to put the necessary measures in place for a successful conference.

The Council has given the following reach lines to the general public for any further details or enquiries; Mr. Braimah 0244962494, Mad. Ellen 0244336347, Mr. Kwarteng 0200581924.

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