GES Responsibility Allowance: Not Every Teacher Is Entitled It – NAPO

GES responsibility allowance: Not Every Teacher Is Entitled It – NAPO

The issue of non-payment of GES responsibility allowance has been on the lips of teachers for quite a while now.

Teachers who are supposed to enjoy responsibility allowance have for some time, not been put to their rightful place to qualify them for their allowance.

Speaking to Jaman Radio in Bono Region, the Minster for Education; Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh said not all teachers are entitled to GES responsibility allowance.

He made this statement when a listener sent a message to the host of the program to inquire why some of the teachers supposed to enjoy the responsibility allowance has not been paid yet.

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The Minister responded by making the statement of “Not every teacher is entitled to GES responsibility allowance”.

The Minister stated that out of the total 350,000 Ghana Education Service (GES) teachers on payroll, only 35,512 qualify for responsibility allowance.

Explaining further, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh outlined 9 categories of workers in Ghana Education Service who qualify for these allowance.

The categories includes head teachers in primary, kindergarten and Junior High Schools, headmasters and headmistresses in Senior High Schools, housemasters and senior housemasters & form masters.

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