Deploy Career Counselors To Guide Students Through The School Selection Exercise – Counselor Daniel Fenyi

Counselor Daniel Fenyi – Deploy Career Counselors To Guide Students Through The School Selection Exercise

As BECE candidates who recently wrote their final exams select Senior High Schools they wish to attended after their results are released, Counselor Daniel Fenyi has penned down his concerns for the selection.

A post sighted by as shared by Hon. Jerry Akporhor on Facebook talks about what noble Counselor Daniel Fenyi wrote.

Read Full Statement below:

This week, starting Monday, JHS graduates who sat the just-ended BECE are undertaking the exercise of selecting their preferred schools for computer placement.

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Each child would have to choose 6 schools, two of which must compulsorily be a Technical/Vocational School and a Day School respectively.

This destiny-determining and future-job prospects exercise is practiced and treated as a simple charade game like “pick and act” thing in Ghana.

The students, most of whom have not really settled on what profession to embark on in the future, are unguidedly choosing ‘fine’ programmes like G. Art, Science, Business and Home Econs.

Many are also “fighting” over Grade A and B schools. In fact, the whole exercise is treated like a GAME.

This is where unemployment starts. This is where bitterness and regrets start.

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This is where many failures and “had I known” start. This is the beginning of Unemployed Graduates Association, fake Pastors and whack politicians.

This exercise accounts for Ghana’s grossly retarded development pace.

As Counselor, I’ve met Lawyers who wanted to be Doctors, Teachers who preferred Banking, Engineers who wished for Medicine, Bankers who loved to be Architects.

I’ve met Drivers, Masons, Carpenters who wanted to be Teachers, Lawyers, Engineers, etc.

In Ghana, only few professionals find themselves in their childhood dreams. A lot of deviations, changing and re-pathing happen to a lot of people.

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Many of these regrets come out of the choices of schools and programmes people made in JHS 3.

The Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service (GES) should deploy Career Choice Counselors to guide these students through the selection exercise (Note: not all Counselors are into career guidance).

This exercise should not be “business as usual”. Ghana must begin a conscientious effort at changing this narrative.

Thank you, Counselor Daniel Fenyi

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