COVID-19 Discharges Or Recoveries; Manasseh Azure Awuni Asks Government Of Ghana

Investigative journalist; Manasseh Azure Awuni has taken to his Facebook page to ask the Government of Ghana & Ministry of Health whether the COVID-19 figures released which indicates a spike in the total recovery cases is indeed recoveries or discharges. He wrote;


In the past, Covid-19 recoveries in Ghana used to be those who tested negative twice after testing positive for the virus and undergoing treatment.

Now, they are not tested at all before they’re discharged because we’re overwhelmed.

The W.H.O has revised it’s guidelines in this regard so that attention will be given to new tests and critically ill COVID-19 patients.

So in Ghana, we no longer test to ensure that the patient is virus virus-free before we discharge them, according to my medical sources in the front line.

For instance, an MP and deputy minister from the Central Region was discharged from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital this week and he went to campaign for the primaries because his condition had improved, according to doctors.

My sources in the hospital said he was not tested to ensure that he’s negative as used to be the case in the past. When their conditions improve, they’re discharged.

So it is possible that those who are discharged still have the virus in them, but the chances of transmitting are reduced.

So should the government not be telling us that these people are discharged instead of saying they have recovered?

And when will the government stop auditing the death figures that come from the regions and give us the true numbers, the full picture?

Can the government be more open and truthful about how we manage this pandemic in order not to create the impression that all is well when the medical doctors and health personnel at the front line say they’re overwhelmed?”

Meanwhile, Ghana has recorded over 10,000 Covid-19 recoveries while 15 more people have lost the battle against the virus, the Ghana Health Service has reported.

According to the Service, 5,526 people have recovered bringing the national total to 10,074. The country has recorded 514 new cases leaving the total number of confirmed cases at 13,717.

The huge increase in recoveries leaves the number of active cases at 3558.

Current COVID-19 statistics in Ghana
Current COVID-19 statistics in Ghana

Regional breakdown

Greater Accra Region – 7,860; Ashanti Region – 2,637; Western Region – 1,142; Central Region – 789; Eastern Region – 358; Volta Region – 309; Upper East Region – 271; Oti Region – 105; Western North Region – 82; Northern Region – 61; Savannah Region – 37; Upper West Region – 32; Bono East Region – 23; Ahafo Region – 8; North East; Region – 2; Bono Region – 1


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