Stop Whining About School Fees Increment – Private School Owners To Parents

CODPPTS – Ghana 

The Conference of Directors of Private Pre-Tertiary Schools (CODPPTS) – Ghana has urged parents to stop whining about the increment in school fees of private schools.

CODPPTS is a body of Private School Owners, who through their own resources, have established Private Schools like any private business entity in Ghana.

In a press release dated January 17, 2021 and sighted by NewsVibz, CODPPTS made it clear that it does not need to consult parents before it increases school fees.

According to them, just as no private business entity established in Ghana with Private Schools not being exception do not consult customers, patients, clients etc. before they review their prices upwards, the fixing of fees in Private schools are the prerogative of Private school owners.

“All schools are not the same. If a parent chooses to be in a top class Private School with excellent learning environment, that becomes the decision of the Parent, hence must be ready for its associated cost/fees”, the press release stated.

The document signed by Mr. Philip Boateng Mensah, President of CODPPTS also added that COVID–19 has been an eye opener for entrepreneurs in the private education sector because, when schools were closed down for almost a year, no parent nor government exhibited any concern about how Private School Teachers or Proprietors fared in order to provide a lifeline for survival.

CODPPTS – Ghana further added that, parents are at liberty to look for a school that meets their budgets as happens in the business world.

Again, CODPPTS – Ghana stated that parents have unfettered access to all schools in Ghana including Government schools, which are almost free, so it is needless to decide to stay in a particular school when your budget can not keep you there.

CODPPTS - Ghana Press Release - Page 1-min
CODPPTS – Ghana Press Release – Page 1-min
Press Release - Page 2
Press Release – Page 2

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