CAGD Validates Pending Profile Picture Of Teachers

CAGD Validates Pending Profile Picture Of Teachers

The Controller & Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) exist to provide Public Financial Management Services to the Government and the general public through efficient, skilled, well-motivated and dedicated staff, using the most appropriate technology.

It also make disbursements on behalf of the Government.

This includes the payment of monthly salaries to government employees in active service; pension gratuity and monthly pension payment to those on retirement; and releases of funds to prosecute government projects and development throughout the country.

Few months back, there was a circular making rounds on Social Media which suggested that the CAGD has instructed all Public Service Servants to update their profile Picture on the Payslip Portal at or forfeit their salary.

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Many confirmed that the information was true as teachers could see the notice clearly at their E-Payslip portal.

Later, the Controller & Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) issued a communique which suggested that its outfit has not released any information of that sort and that the public should not take into account that information.

Although CAGD disclaimed the information, many teachers had rushed to their validators to upload their profile pictures. Validators of schools across the country uploaded the profile pictures of its members but it was left pending.

Fast forward, Newsvibz can confirm that these pending profile pictures have been validated and teachers can now see their image when they login on their E-Payslip platform.

Checks by our outfit has confirmed that many teachers whose profile pictures were pending when their validators uploaded them can now see it on their E-Payslip portal.

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All teachers who had their profile picture uploaded by their validator are entreated to visit their E-Payslip portal to check if it has reflected.

In the case where your profile picture has not reflected yet but your validator had uploaded it, kindly go back to him/her to check again for you as the picture that was uploaded might have been rejected.

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