Black Agenda – Sarkodie: The World Should Be Bowing Down To Africa

Michael Owusu Addo, popularly know in the Ghanaian Showbiz as Sarkodie has taken to Facebook to spit how he feels about “Blacks“. In a post sighted by NewsVibzSarkodie wrote;

“Africa Unite 🖤✊🏿 # Black Agenda
A lot of bullies target the vulnerable ( weak, poor, no home, no family, etc ) … And that’s the story of Africa. Till we fix our home “Together” No black man is safe in the world … We lost our pride

The black Race is an easy target cos of the perception they have about us … Till our leaders hold their grounds and gain back the respect we deserve, we will always be an easy target

They dare not touch certain races 😉 … Africa has all it takes to b “cocky” 😊 But they strip our confidence n “belief in self” with the #BrownPaperBag

The world should be bowing down to Africa but it’s up to us to unite and take our power back !!

The act of giving is very good when it’s genuine but this same action can also be an evil tactic to control … A lot of people give to be able to control.

We selling our power for checks… Our prayer and dream is to have a world where only Love rule, where we are all equal with no discrimination but hey that ain’t the case so I guess we play the game”

#The Black Agenda 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


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