Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata says he was allowed to smoke when he gained admission at Mfantsipim Secondary School at the age of nine.

According to him, he was asthmatic, adding that, his health condition gave him the pass to smoke medicinal cigarettes anytime he wanted.

Talking further, he said it prevented him from being bullied because some of the bad boys in the school became friends with him.

I got to Mfantsipim when I was nine and the beauty of being that little is that everyone protects you so no one bullies you. I was so small they didn’t touch me.

And in those days, I was quite asthmatic and I’m still asthmatic, one of the medications was asthma cigarettes that you inhale and that sort of helps clear the system. So I became the favourite even to some of the bad boys in school, he said.

So they would come to me occasionally in the hope that if they are caught smoking they will show it that they are allowed.

I was the only one who had authorization to smoke in school. I became their friends because they needed me, Mr. Tsikata said.

He also explained that, his stature and age also prevented him from being bullied since most of the seniors liked him.

It was a fantastic situation for me because I was mentored by older people. The seniors took care of me not only in health but they were interested in my development. My mates were about 12…, he told KSM.

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