What To Do After Receiving GES Appointment Letter

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released appointment letters for the just ended recruitment application that was opened for qualified applicants to apply to be recruited into the service.

Successful applicants can check and download their appointment letters from the official GES recruitment portal at gespromotions.gov.gh.

We at NewsVibz would like to congratulate the selected few who were lucky to receive appointment letters out of a tall list of applicants of more than 200,000.

Now, to the question of “after receiving GES appointment letter, what next?” This is a question many graduates are having tough time getting answers to as no one is giving them solid answers.

What Next?

In this article, we’re going to explain the processes you’ll go through to fully settle in and be considered as the full time professional facilitator that you are.

Just as your appointment letter has stated, you will be put on the Grade of Principal Superintendent (Prof). This is the grade all professional facilitators are put on in GES although there is a flip side to it as it comes with a point assignment.

The salary scale attached to the above Grade is PSH 16 (Base Grade) which in full, simply mean Principal Superintendent High (PSH). The High signifies that one holds a Bachelor’s Degree from any of the recognized Educational Universities in Ghana.

Teacher Trainees

Unlike that of Teacher Trainees who are put on the Grade of PSL which signifies the acquisition of a Diploma in Education, the salary of facilitators on a PSH Grade is a little higher than PSL.

As a Graduate who has just printed your appointment letter, it is expected of you to report to the Regional Director of Ghana Education Service in the Region you have been posted to with the following documents for further directives.

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  1. Medical Report
  2. Acceptance Letter
  3. University Degree Certificate (Original & Certified True copy)
  4. National Service Certificate
  5. Licensure Examination Certificate
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. National ID Card
  8. SSNIT Biometric Card (SSNIT Number)
  9. Bank account details
  10. WASSCE Certificate
  11. BECE Certificate
  12. Passport Pictures
  13. Any other relevant documents in your possession.


You are to make at least 4 copies each of the documents stated above as they would be requested during the onboarding processes by the Regional Office.

Upon successful submission of these documents at the Regional office, the next step will be the verification process.

At this stage, there is nothing much you can do. You might be requested to come back in few days’ time for your introductory letter.

This period is to allow the abled workers of the Service at the Regional level to verify the authenticity of your appointment letter by checking with the official list provided by the GES Headquarters. This list is known by many as the Master List.

Master List

The Master List is the true and official list of successfully recruited facilitators by the Ghana Education Service.

This list is made available for crosschecking at the various Regional Offices of the Ghana Education Service because most often, people use dubious ways (Backdoor as they call it) to gain appointment letters.

These letters are more often fake as people edit already existing appointment letters and insert the names of these people who have been scammed.

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Upon verifying the authenticity of all the GES appointment letters submitted at the Regional Office, Introductory Letter will be put on the file of those whose names matched with the names on the Master List.

Once your appointment letter is genuine and you possess the file including the introductory letter from the Regional Office, you’ll then be given the green light to visit the school you were posted to. If you were posted to a basic school, you will be required to visit the MMDs office before proceeding to your school.


NOTE: Under no circumstance should you go and introduce yourself to anyone in the school you were posted to without bearing the introductory letter.

The school does not know you and the only way the Headmaster/mistress of the school will recognize you is by handing over the folder that contains your documents; including the introductory letter.

When the school receives your folder, preparations will be made to type your assumption of duty letter. This letter is what tells that you have indeed reported to the school.

The letter will bear the exact date you reported and this is the date for which you will start receiving salary from.

GES Personal Record Form

A form called the personal record form will be filled in your name detailing everything there is to be in the form. Afterwards, a copy will be added to your folder for record keeping.

A complete copy of all these documents will be sent to the District Office of GES at your location.

At this stage, you are almost done with the processes. You will be required to start work.

Since most of you are travelling miles to these new locations, you will have to rent, pack your luggage from home etc.

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It is our opinion that you speak with the Head of the school and explain your situation to him/her to give you a week or two to get your affairs in order and fully report to work and perform your duties as the facilitator that you are.

Once you have started work, the Ghana Education Service GES) will with time, request that you go to their Headquarters at Accra to do what we call, Biometric Registration.

This registration always come with a schedule for the various Regions and when each is supposed to report to Accra to have his/her data captured on the Controller & Accountant’s General Department’s (CAGD) payroll/database.

Controller And Accountants General Department (CAGD)

The Controller & Accountant’s General Department’s (CAGD) exist to provide Public Financial Management Services to the Government and the general public through efficient, skilled, well-motivated and dedicated staff, using the most appropriate technology.

When the schedule is due and out, trust our outfit to provide you with the full details.

Biometric Registration

During the biometric registration, you are required to submit all the documents stated in the beginning of this article, including your assumption of duty letter and personal record form.

When this process is finally done, you can expect to receive your salary as a facilitator in the Ghana Education Service.

Thank you for reading and once again, we say congratulations and all the best.

Source: NewsVibz.com

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