Advice To Newly Recruited Graduates & Trained Teachers Of GES

They say experience is the best teacher and I wish I had someone with that kind of experience to advice me when I gained my Ghana Education Service (GES) appointment.

Well, I’ll say I now have that experience and it’s best I pour it here for those willing to take it.

The various Banks have credited the accounts of many, if not all, teachers who were successfully validated in their respective schools. As a teacher receiving your salary for the first time, I have this small advice for you.

I ask myself,  am I even qualified to give advice to newly recruited graduates and trained teachers of GES?

Well, “it’s easier to advice than be advised”, this is what we usually hear right? Anyway, it is very exciting to be on payroll and get to see the face of payslip every month.

That’s most people’s dream right? Now listen, you see that chunk of money you’ll receive a month or two after your biometric registration, spend it wisely.

It is the only time you are going to see a paycheck with that kind of huge amount. From then, it’s going to be the same boring relatively “small” amount.

I am in no position to tell you what you should spend your money on but as a brother, I would advise you not to use it to join any network marketing.

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Don’t buy a car as a means of transport. Don’t ‘spoil’ yourself and become used to living like a rich man; your salary can’t cope with that lifestyle.

People before you started that way and at a point, they had to take loans to keep up the standard of living until there was no room to take more loans.

Avoid dashing out money to people like a “sakawa boy”. Instead, pay off your debts, get a decent room and get your basic necessities that can make you live a comfortable life.

For instance, change clothes, get a sizable mattress, a fan, a television, and a smartphone if there’s the need to. Considering a means of transport, I would advise that you go for motorbike and not a car.

Buy the rest of the things later and make sure you have a plan. Avoid buying on hire purchase if possible.

Discipline yourself, save and buy it instead, it’s economical that way. If you feel like investing in any business, take you time and investigate.

Don’t just rush into it impulsively because someone said there’s profit in it. It has landed a lot of people in a tight corner. A senior colleague close to you can give testimony to that.

Of course, you now qualify to take payslip loans but I would tell you to run away from loans as far as you can unless it’s an emergency.

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In any case that you desperately need one for emergency, head to your association’s mutual fund and not those agents that sends you those numerous annoying loan messages.

The interest you pay on loans from those people will run you into depression. A lot of people who took loans from such agents are regretting but they won’t tell you.

They are in a tight corner, living a hand to mouth lifestyle. Those guys that comes around selling the loans, don’t give them audience. Repeat that after me. Don’t give them audience.

These people have been trained to come and convince you so advice yourself before they come. They themselves have not taken the loan they are asking you to take.

They won’t advice any of their family members to take that loan because of the huge sums of money you pay as interest once you’re granted the loan.

The same applies to the insurance company guys. The way they would describe the insurance packages to you, you would love it. The truth is, most of them do not have any insurance policy with the companies they work for.

They are only after the commission they would get if they sign you up. Even if it becomes necessary to listen to them, never and I repeat, never give out your details or fill any form with them.

If you have any money to spare, go and increase your mutual fund instead.

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Family pressure would start coming, be selective. If you use all you salary on them, they would turn around and call you useless if at a certain age you didn’t reach a certain standard.

You are not operating a financial company, don’t lend to people. If it becomes necessary, lend the one you are ready to give away.

Never use your ‘affordability‘ to take loan for anyone especially your Senior Staff or your in-laws. They might not pay back. Have an emergency account in which you put something small every month.

Never withdraw from it unless it becomes necessary. It will save your life one day. Have a plan. I repeat, have a workable plan. Yoooo. I would be here, watching from far.

Experience they say, is the best teacher but experience of others in my opinion is the best teacher. This one errh, if you mess up, you go remain inside teeeee you can’t even use the experience to correct anything.

I hope this “nonsense” reaches someone who would make sense out of it. Thank you.

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  1. Priscilla says

    God bless u.Great piece of advice.

    1. Justice Donkoh says

      You’re welcome Priscy


    You call this nonsense,Snr man as for me am glad I had this and I will like to be coached on more things as a young teacher,so my end days on earth will be good,God bless you for this wisdom…

    1. Justice Donkoh says

      Thanks Parker, I’m glad you find this piece as something to learn from. We learn better through mistakes and I believe this article will help others, if not everyone who reads it.

  3. Andrews Saakuu says

    In fact it’s a great great advice poured out there for us. It’s only fools that dislike correction. It’s a blessing to come across such a wonderful advice.
    God bless u a lot.
    At least, sharing is caring.
    U care about us. Thank u once again and God bless u a lot.

    1. Justice Donkoh says

      Thank you Andrews, I’m glad someone read and finds it sensible enough to apply it. God bless you as well.

  4. Fleur says

    It’s no nonsense… It’s a great advice given. Tnx Sir Slim

    1. Justice Donkoh says

      Thank You Fleur

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