GNPC Local Scholarship: Application Date, Eligibility, Deadline & How To Apply


The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) is the state agency responsible for the exploration, licensing, and distribution of petroleum-related activities in Ghana.

The corporation was established in 1983 to replace the Petroleum Department which was an agency under the Ministry of Fuel and Power.

The department was responsible for the importation of crude oil and petroleum products for the Ghanaian economy.

The mandate for oil exploration was held to be the Technical Directorate of the Ministry of Fuel and Power and the Geological Survey Department.

The corporation was created to promote the Government of Ghana’s objective of supplying adequate and reliable petroleum for the country and the discovery of crude oil in the country’s territories.

GNPC Local Scholarship

The GNPC Local Scholarship is open to eligible Ghanaian students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies at any public tertiary institution in Ghana.

The GNPC Scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses and learning materials.


  1. Applicant must be a Ghanaian.
  2. Must have obtained admission to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme at a public tertiary institution.
  • Teachers and lecturers in STEM (to improve the teaching of STEM for capacity building).
  • Tutors pursuing English and Ghanaian Languages, TVET at technical Institutions, Nursing Training Colleges and Colleges of Education
  • Persons with disabilities (Applicants with any form of disability are required to upload medical certificate stating the level/seriousness of disability)


All applications are to be done online ( Submission of hard copies of application will be rejected.

  • This facility does not apply to sandwich, part-time, private or fee-paying students in public tertiary institutions.
  • For applicants with any form of disability, upload of disability medical report as evidence
  • Continuing students are to upload their statement of results.
  • Applicants who enjoy any form of educational scholarship should not apply.
  • It is important that your eligibility for this scholarship award is based on accurate information.

Misrepresentation in any material form renders the application null and void.

Any award made based on misrepresentation shall be withdrawn and if any investments are made based on the misrepresentation, the applicant may be asked to provide a refund or may face prosecution or both.


  • Opening and closing dates of portal for postgraduate applicants: 19th – 31 October.
  • Opening and closing dates of portal for undergraduates: 4th – 22nd November.
  • Online interview dates for selected postgraduate applicants: 16th to 20th November.


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